Green and Eco-Friendly Dustless Blasting

Powder coat metal finishing by Ion Coatings offers a superior finish combined with excellent durability. For about the same cost as professionally applied paint, our powder coat process will help extend the life of metal products –– from architectural elements like railings and light poles to commercial and end-product applications like machine parts or outside furniture.

powder coating
dustless blasting

Green Technology at Ion Coatings

We’ve carried the green mission of powder coating further within our company as well. Our entire shop floor was designed with the purpose of staying green in mind. Our powder booths use 90% of powder material, which eliminates waste from going into a landfill. Up to 98% of the powder overspray is collected. Ion Coatings utilizes energy efficient equipment and environmentally friendly processes in our shop the majority of the time. All equipment was built with premium efficiency motors.

The Green of Powder Coating

Powder coating is the dominant finishing trend and will continue to replace liquid finishing for environmental reasons long into the future. Unlike liquid finishing systems, powder coating contains no solvents and emits no VOC’s into the atmosphere.

The Environmental Protection Agency regulations have been a steady force in the move toward powder coating finishing. One major element in expanding the market for powder coating was the implementation of stringent air pollution control over the past thirty years. Compliance with state and federal regulations is much easier to meet with powder coating versus other finishing processes.

Eco-Friendly Dustless Blasting

The future is now with Ion Coatings and our innovative dustless blasting system. By using 100% American made recycled glass media mixed with high pressure water, we have the ability to remove just about anything using the quickest, most effective way of removing paint or other hard to remove material.