Eco-Friendly Dustless Blasting

The future is now with Ion Coatings and our innovative dustless blasting system.

By using 100% American made recycled glass media mixed with high-pressure water, we have the ability to remove just about anything.

We get the job done in a fraction of the time of traditional media blasting, without creating that horrible dust cloud or hurting the surface below.

The dustless blasting system is not only the quickest, most effective way of removing paint or other hard to remove material.

It’s 100% eco -friendly, no chemicals, and extremely clean, making our system the most cost-effective way of removing material.

The Green of Powder Coating

Powder coating, the alternative to wet spray painting, is widely known as the environmentally friendly way to paint.

The process of powder coating contains no solvents, therefore it creates zero VOC emissions which helps combat air pollution.

The powder is not considered hazardous waste unlike other forms of coating such as liquid paint coatings.

The process of powder coating also creates little in the form of material waste. Powder coating is a recognized finish by the LEEDs (Leadership in Environmental Design) program.